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Display Splash Screen popups with any article or custom content on any webpage. Feel free to check out the demo page.

Pick a popup technology and assign articles or typed in content to menu item entry, that’s it. The plugin remembers showing the Splash Screen in the user’s session cookie, so it will only be shown one time per page. A special configuration mode allows you to disable this cookie behavior to fine-tune the settings. You can also choose a number of seconds to delay the Splash Screen and decide to show it only to special user groups, e.g. guests only.

Note: JH Splash Screen requires Joomla 3.2 or newer.

How to setup JH Splash Screen

  1. Activate plugin
  2. Pick a User Group to present Splash Screens to
  3. Enter a number of seconds for delaying the Splash Screen
  4. Choose a Popup Technology (e.g. Joomlas Squeeze Box or Magnific Popup)
  5. Enter Splash Screen width and height
  6. Choose a Background Color
  7. Assign an article or custom content to any number of webpages
  8. Finally, switch Configuration Mode OFF to enable the cookie, that remembers to show Splash Screens only one time
  9. Don't forget to save the plugin configuration after each modification
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