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JH Image Popup

Turn all article images into clickable popup lightboxes without having to touch the content. No shortcodes required, slim code, small footprint. Feel free to check out the demo page.

How it works

JH Image Popup scans articles for regular images inserted with an <img> tag and applies the modal popup to them. You just pick a popup technology in the plugin configuration and are ready to go.

JH Image Popup loads all popup code files from a CDN (content delivery network), which speeds up loading time for your visitors. (Using multiple HTTP channels; also, since most of them will already have the popup code in some cache.)

Tip: When inserting your images in the articles use the the largest size and scale it down with the width and/or height attributes.

Note: JH Image Popup only works on inline images inside articles and not in any other component’s content.

How to setup JH Image Popup

  1. Go to the Plugin Manager and active the plugin System - JH Image Popup
  2. Enter the plugin configuration and pick a popup technology (e.g. Joomlas internal popups or MagnificPopup)
  3. Reload a frontend page containing images and check if the popups look good to you. If not, just pick a different popup technology.

Supported Popup Technologies

Version 0.8.0 supports five popup technologies:

  • Joomla’s built-in SqueezeBox. This is basically the same popup you sometimes see being used in the administration backend. JH Image Popup simply loads the already installed popup library into the frontend.
  • Colorbox.
  • lightbox2. This is the original lightbox in it's latest version. Seems to work well with large images.
  • MagnificPopup.
  • Swipebox. Connects all images on the page and allows to swipe between them.

Please note that these popup technologies offer a ton of configuration options which are NOT included in JH Image Popup’s plugin configuration. This is to keep things as simple as possible at this time.

In case of problems

If you encounter trouble using one or the other popup mechanism, simply try another. With so many variations of frontend and UI libraries it is impossible to foresee which mechanism works in your individual environment.

If you still have problems or just want to drop a message, please use the contact form.

In case everything works fine

Just leave a note in the great Open Source community of the Joomla Extension Directory so other people know if this plugin was helpful to you.

Review Link: http://extensions.joomla.org/write-review/review/add?extension_id=10142

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JH Image Popup Testimonials

Review by Vyacheslav

Functionality: 100 – Awsome plugin! Very simple and functional.

Ease of use: 100 – There's no thing easier. Just install and activate.

Review by Jose Orlando de Lima Filho

Functionality: 100 – Perfect, magnific popup

Ease of use: 100 – Easy very very easy

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