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Configuring Joomla can be a tricky sometimes. Especially those setups with a dozen extensions, a sparsely documented responsive template, three content languages, SSL encryption, readable URLs and countless other SEO tweaks.

Joomla is as easy as WordPress and as capable as Drupal

Solutions can be found if you invest a little effort. Burried somewhere in the 21st post on the third page of a Joomla forum thread. Or by receiving the long-awaited plugin developer’s response “sorry, the free version doesn’t support this”. A Joomla webmaster does need the one thing no full stack developer on this planet has: Time. How about having one resource that contains all step by step tutorials, best practices and background infos? Reference, solution finder and manual in one spot?

Bestseller since October 2015

Since Q3 / 2015 such a resource exists, in German language: Joomla 3! – Das umfassende Handbuch. Both in printed form, as well as e-book, for you to dig deeper in the most sensitive Joomla subjects.

See ya all again

2018 - after many five star reviews on Amazon the Joomla Handbuch reached its end of life. Most of the instructions still work for the current Joomla! versions, but since there is little release movement and market shares wonder off we are concentrating our efforts to CMS alternatives.

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This website provides supplementary information, tips, links and coding examples for the acclaimed German Joomla Handbuch.